Weekly activities for April 30/May 1:

Well, everyone, the season is in full swing now. We had launch weekend, and boats are slowly trickling into the marina. In fact, I have already started to get mine ready and it might go in this week! Reminder that all events are loaded into the club calendar here on the site for reference.
For this weekend, we begin our first event of the 2022 season with Frostbite Series racing. All boats have a single start. Skipper’s meeting at 10:00 on A Dock. Changes for this year will include a new motor for the Committee Boat, and I assure you that this motor has plenty of power. The boat can actually back out of the slip now with less than full throttle! The Chase Boat has the same motor as it used to, because the new motor has not arrived from the factory yet. But soon!
We also have a huge service project we have been working on in conjunction with the park. As many of you know, the number plates on the ends of the docks have seen better days, as the plastic plaques are deteriorating and cracking. The park has bought all new aluminum numbers plates, and we have volunteered to install them. We had hoped to use the chase boat for this, as it is a nice, stable platform, but it’s only now being launched with the old motor. This job can be done with a cordless driver from the end of the finger pier, but it’s tough on the knees. If you have a low, stable boat that can go from end to end, something like an inflatable dinghy, that’s probably ideal. 2 people per boat, one to install and one to hold the boat in place is also probably ideal. Please contact me, and we’ll start getting resources together and move forward on this project.
Commodore Brian

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