About Cruising at NSC

The cruising fleet is the largest portion of the Nockamixon Sail Club with over 100 members in 2020. Our primary goal is to foster a friendly, welcoming and supportive community for our members and their families to enjoy the sailing experience on Lake Nockamixon. We organize events throughout the sailing season where you will get a chance to meet your fellow sailors, get advice, give advice, make new friendships, and savor the pleasures of being out on the water.  Whether you are a lifelong sailor looking for camaraderie and friendly faces when you arrive at the lake, or you are entirely new to sailing and haven’t even purchased your first boat yet, there is something for you here.

Regular activities include assisting each other with launching at the beginning of the season and haul-out at the end. As a cruising member you and your family can take part in the a wide range of social events, including picnics, raft-ups and friendly competition such as the ULDB (Up the Lake Down and Back) and the Ladies Distance races. Cruising members are also welcome to participate in the regular Invitational Regattas, where you get the opportunity to test your skills against your fellow cruisers while watching the serious racers disappear into the distance!

The club also owns a number of smaller Sunfish sailboats that can be great fun (when the water is warm), and they are wonderful for introducing new sailors, young or old, to the challenges and rewards of harnessing the wind to move across the water.

Upcoming Cruising Events

Cruise 1"
Cruise 2"
Cruise 3"