Weekend update for July 30 and 31

Hey, everyone, it looks like we have the next two weekends off, with no events scheduled. It looks like there should be decent wind this weekend, with WNW winds on Saturday gusting up to 11 knots or so, and Sunday the wind flips to WSW about the same, but building for the afternoon. It’s expected to be mostly sunny with temperatures around 88º both days. This Tuesday night, we had another great Sunfish practice day after work. We’ve had many members attend these evening events, learning how to rig up the Sunfish, and newer sailors practicing skills. We will probably be holding another session in early August, so keep an eye on the club website calendar. Kids and parents are especially invited!
As many of you know, the weather station on marina point was recently knocked over by vandals. We have reached out to the company who maintains it, weatherflow.com, to let them know it was damaged. Many of you may subscribe to their websites like sailflow.com in order to look at real-time wind info from this weather station. I think it might be a good idea for subscribers to file a support request with weatherflow for a “Smart Weather Station” for our location so that they will know there are many people interested in getting this station repaired as soon as possible. https://help.weatherflow.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Commodore Brian

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