Weekend events for September 7 and 8

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day holiday, and got some good sailing. I had fun on Friday’s strong winds with my “fast boat,” though I paid the price of soreness on Saturday!

This weekend will see the return of racing with Fleet Racing on Saturday. Find 3 friends with the same boat as you, and you can have your own fleet start. Or hang with the Scots, Thistles, and I-21s. Each fleet has it’s own start.

The weather looks good this weekend. We don’t exepct any impact from Dorian, except maybe some winds and rain Friday if it tracks more westward. But right now models don’t expect that, so our area should be ok. On Saturday and Sunday, we should see sunny skies and temperatures in the high 70’s. Winds are likely to be stronger on Saturday with N and WNW directions, puffing 5-7 knots, and W winds Sunday, falling down a bit to 5-6 knots.

Commodore Brian

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