Weekend events for October 21 and 22:

Well, it’s the worst weekend of the year. It’s haul out weekend, and club members and pressure washers will be on hand this weekend. Sorry, it’s not my fault, it’s the Park’s fault. Or the State’s fault that we can’t keep boats in the wet slips past October 31. Of course, some of you hang on until the last minute. May I remind you how many nor’easters we’ve had blow in the last weekend of October over that past 10 years or so? Many. Sometimes people pull the boat out in snow! But then again you can always count on at least 2 gorgeous weeks in November!
Weather looks like it may shower early Saturday, but clear out and dry out for most of the day, with some possible showers after dark. Expect it to be breezy and low 60’s. Sunday will be dry, cooler, even breezier out of the NW, as one expects as a system exits the area.
Commodore Brian

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