Weekend Events for Memorial Day Weekend:

This weekend the club takes a break from racing, but there are 2 events! On Saturday we have a Full Moon raft-up scheduled. Whoever makes it to Heron Cove out from the marina first around 6;30 should anchor, and the rest will tie up. Bring food to share, friends, whatever. But be careful of weather – more to follow.

Sunfish sailors! On Tuesday night, we will be having our Sunfish cleanup to get the boats ready for use this year. Bring your buckets and sponges etc. We will meet behind the main lot where Sunfish are stored, and pull them out to the water spigot at 5:30. (Follow the dirt road near the mast raising pole.)

The weather is kinda mixed this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday we see temperatures into the upper 80’s. Saturday should be dry until the evening, when there are chances of isolated thunderstorms. These could affect the raft-up. Sunday should be dry with a small chance of a shower in the evening. But Monday it’s going to rain.

Starting around noon on Saturday, the winds should be nice out of the southwest at 8 to 10 knots. Sunday looks like almost no wind, and Monday you probably don’t want to go sailing in the rain anyway.

Commodore Brian

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