Weekend events for May 21 and 22

Hey, all, get ready for some steamy weather! First summer blast of heat will be coming in on Saturday. 

We have a Regatta event for Saturday, the Victor Jaczun Invitational Regatta. Victor was one of the founders of the club, so all boats are welcome to race and honor Victor. As usual, skipper’s meeting is at 10:00 on A-Dock, with racing to start at 11:00 on the water. All boats will have a single start. 

Following the Regatta, we will have a Club Social Picnic at the back of the rigging lot, starting at 1:00. Since we have been unable to have our usual banquets the past 2 years, we wanted to have a social event in addition to our summer ULDB picnic and regatta. We will also be giving out awards from the past 2 years. Members should receive an invitation from Co-VC Chelsea via email. Please RSVP. I regret that I am unlikely to be able to attend due to previously scheduled work on my house, though if they finish early I might make a late appearance. 

We expect to see sunny skies and hot and humid conditions Saturday and Sunday. A front is expected to come through late Sunday afternoon or evening, but timing is not established yet, though it does seem to be coming in later. Winds should be nice on Saturday from the W and WSW up to 10 knots, with a bit stronger SW winds on Sunday gusting 10-20 knots or so. 

Commodore Brian

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