Weekend Events for June 22 and 23:

We don’t have any racing scheduled this weekend, but we do have a Full Moon Raft-up scheduled for this Sunday. RC Cruising Paul would like to try out a Sunday evening from 6 to 9:00 (or later if anyone wants) to mix it up and see if folks have more availability than a busy Saturday night. First boat to Heron Cove out from the marina drops anchor and everyone after rafts up. Bring food and snacks to share if you like. 

The weather should be very deep summer-like this weekend, with hot temps and humidity. It’s a good time to test out your swim ladder on the boat. Remember the park’s rules are that we are allowed to “bob” in the lake, which means you’re allowed to be in the water wearing a PFD within a 15’ radius of your boat, and not in a high traffic area. Expect temps in the high 90’s Saturday and Sunday, and late-day heat instability which could lead to pop up thunderstorms. Winds look pretty nice from the WSW and SW at around 7-8 knots, with higher gusts as the afternoon progresses. This would be great Sunfish weather, with capsize drills or man overboard drills. Maybe Unofficial Sunfish Fleet Captain Anli will gather a group of Sunfish.

Commodore Brian

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