Weekend events April 13 and 14

Although the Spring Warmup was our first official club event of the year, lake activities kick off this weekend for a launch day on Saturday. Club members will be on hand to help folks get out of winter dry storage and launched before the winter storage deadline of April 15. If you haven’t got your taxes done yet, well, we can’t help with that! If you need help with your boat other than Saturday, please post on the Facebook Group so that other members can see and make arrangements with you.

Weather this weekend should be spring warm with temps in the low 60s on Saturday, and low 70s on Sunday. Clouds will clear through Saturday, and be partly cloudy Sunday. It will be breezy Saturday out of the WNW, and swinging around to SW on Sunday, with gusts up into the 20s both days. 

The Spring Warmup was a great event this year, hosted at the Quakertown Train Station. It was planned and executed to perfection by VC Chelsea Strzempek. Although we loved the venue, it is a little cramped with attendance capped at 60. Please keep in mind that our VC position takes a lot of work and planning, and we prefer to have co-Vice Commodores to share the load. If you like event planning or executing logistics, please let us know so we can get Chelsea some assistance. 

In the past, we have not allowed advertisements for boats on the Facebook Gropu because we had classifieds on the club website. Because we had to build an all new website, we have not been able to get the classified section working correctly. Fleet Council decided that we would allow listing of boats and boat-related equipment on the Facebook Group. Moderators of the group will keep an eye on things, and only good quality serviceable equipment should be listed. This is not an excuse to flood the group with old, worn-out junk to get out of your garage! Also, please keep in mind that selling a boat is a numbers game. You may think the membership is a good audience, but most of us already have boats. Getting as many eyes as possible on your boat will help it sell, and there are only so many eyes in the club. You will get better reach on Facebook Marketplace, and listing on other internet sites such as Craigslist.com, sailboatowners.com, sailboatlistings.com, and sailingtexas.com will give you a far greater chance of success at selling your boat. 

Also, I’d like to remind you that my term as Commodore will be ending after this season. I’ve been doing it for quite a while now, and I think it would be great for the club to get some new leadership perspectives and ideas. If you’d like to help shape the future of the club, please get in touch and involved in Fleet Council.

Commodore Brian

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