Update for the July 4th holiday weekend

Nockamixon Sail Club is open for business, to borrow a phrase. Our first event of the year will be a Raft Up this Saturday evening. Our COVID-19 procedures are in place, so our event organizer for the Raft Up should take the Committee Boat to No-Name Cove just out from the marina, and take all attendee’s temperatures, and collect health screening information (checklists and thermometer are on the Committee boat.) We’d like to remind you that you should wear a mask when approaching the Committee boat and when tying up to other boats. Once established, you should not share food or go from boat to boat, and be aware of a minimum of 6’ between you and other people, which might be difficult to achieve. In fact, i was thinking this might be easier if you pull bows together rather than sterns, which will make more space between cockpits.


Thanks to Craig Tourtellot and other volunteers, the Sunfish fleet is now available for Club members to use. You must check out the boat online at the Club website, following the form link on the Sunfish Use page: http://nockamixonsailclub.org/content/borrowing-club-sunfish Yes, you will need to sign in to the website with your username and password to access the form. Keep in mind that each boat must wait a day before the next check out, and when you are done, the boats and high touch areas like tillers and centerboards must be wiped down with disinfecting wipes.


In other Club news, Bill Clark is still planning to place an order for NSC logo clothing. And I still have a size XL long sleeve tech-t that I’d like to swap for a size L. Sizing of this stuff seems to run pretty normal; I just lost some weight from when I ordered it back in the winter.


Racers, get your boats ready, as racing begins next weekend!


Commodore Brian

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