This weekend’s activities April 27 and 28

Hi, all-


This weekend we have more Frostbite Series racing on the schedule for Saturday. Weather looks nice with sunny conditions and temps in the mid-60’s, but the wind forecast looks strong and gusty, with averages around 16 knots and gusts up to 28 knots. Wind direction should be WNW, which will probably mean a lot of shifts on those gusts.


Sunday doesn’t look as nice, with mostly cloudy, mid-60’s temps, and isolated showers possible. The wind looks unsettled and shifting around in the morning, building to similar gusty WNW conditions in the afternoon.


As always, everyone is encouraged to come meet racers in the back of the main rigging lot for possible crew spots. If it’s as windy as forecast, Thistles might want a third crew, and Flying Scots will definitely want 1 crew, and can hold 2 with a skipper no problem. Also, all members are encouraged to join in on race committee. It’s a great way to see how races happen, and learn some of the finer points of racing. Now that the committee boat has a grill on it, RC is encouraged to bring grillable treats for in between racing, though with the gusty conditions forecast, sailing up to the committee boat should be done with caution this weekend.



Commodore Brian

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