Sunfish loaner program reminder:

1) You must be approved in advance by Craig Tourtellot to use the Sunfish


2) You are responsible for the boat you borrow, including any and all accessories. Report any issues to Craig Tourtellot


3) You must sign the boat out from the Club website. You will need a website login in order to reserve the boat


4) Parents must sign out boats for children, and are responsible for boats and children


5) Be very aware of wind and weather conditions, and as we advance in to the Fall season, water temperature


The good news is that we seem to have had a large increase in Sunfish use this year. The bad news is that we’ve had some issues. Earlier this summer, we had members in a Sunfish require a rescue during a thunderstorm, and recently some expensive boat accessories were left out, and collected by someone and given to the Park. We thought these items had been stolen. Please keep in mind that the Marina Lot is one of the areas most heavily used by the public. Unfortunately, we all know that “the public” is not always as respectful of private property and stuff as we would like them to be.


If you have any questions about the Sunfish program, please don’t hesitate to ask me or Craig.



Commodore Brian

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