Regarding Lake Nockamixon Park opening

All- We have had confirmation from the Park’s management that the Park will be opening on May 8. As such, if you have a Summer dry storage spot which normally starts on May 1, you can not bring your boat in to the park until after May 8, probably the following weekend. There needs to be time for Winter storage to clear for Summer dry spots. There will be pro-rated reimbursements.

As previously stated, marina openings on May 1 that you may have heard apply only to private marinas. The marina at Nockamixon is not a private marina, it is a state park.

If you have a boat in Winter dry storage that does not stay for Summer dry storage, or does not go into a wet slip, it should be moved as soon as possible. I expect there are very few or no Club members in this situation.

If your boat goes from Winter dry storage to a wet slip, the Park is encouraging you to launch as soon as possible during the weekend of May 8,9,10. This will free up Summer dry slips for possibly the following weekend. Fleet Council is meeting this coming Monday, and we will be discussing Club assistance for launching.

Finally, Park facilities such as bathrooms, Park office, and concessions will not be opening until a later date. They will not be opening on May 8. Plan your time spent at the lake accordingly. I will communicate this future opening date when we hear about it. Also, new wet slip or dry storage assignments stopped in the middle of the process. Park management does not know when that process will go forward, so if you’re waiting for a new slip assignment, please hold tight.

A Club member reached out to Park management regarding the possibility of an extension to the sailing season instead of pro-rated reimbursements. Management explained that they cannot do this for a variety of infrastructure and staffing reasons.

Look for more communication from the Club next week following our Fleet Council meeting!

Commodore Brian

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