Nockamixon Sail Club to begin events and races!

Fleet Council has decided to begin Club events, with strict adherence to our COVID-19 Response Plan (attached, again.) All event participants must adhere to this plan, observing proper distances from others, and wearing masks. We now know that the primary infection vector is breathing moisture droplets exhaled by other infected people, and that distancing and mask wearing SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the chances of infection. If you feel sick or think you might have contracted COVID-19, please do not attend an event. Please keep gatherings of people below 25, say for skipper’s meetings or regatta awards, and raft ups. Event organizers must log all participants, take their temperature, and complete a health survey questionnaire for participants. Race Committee can do this at Skipper’s meetings conducted on land (where there is enough room to spread out, not on the docks) and event organizers for raft ups can perform these functions from the Committee Boat anchored in the cove. Before and after use, the Chase Boat and Committee boat must be wiped down with disinfectant. A contactless thermometer, health screening forms, and disinfecting supplies are in the deck box on the Committee Boat. The Sunfish fleet will come out of storage this weekend. The boats and parts are to be reserved online before use, with at least one day between uses of each boat and set of equipment. Sunfish boats and parts such as tillers and centerboards must be wiped down with disinfectant wipes after use. These supplies will be kept in the Sunfish parts shed. US Sailing is not recommending using shared PFDs, so for all Club events or Sunfish use, it is recommended that participants bring their own PFD.


These procedures may seem onerous, but Fleet Council and our Virus Task Force feels strongly that we must do everything reasonable to keep our membership safe!


Our first event will be a raft-up on Saturday night, July 4. Our first racing event will be Saturday, July 11 for Fleet Racing.



Commodore Brian

NSC COVID-19 Response Plan.pdf 79.67 KB

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