Club update as of Cinco de Mayo, May 5.

Hi, folks, there will be a lot of information in this post.

Fleet Council met last night, and we continue to meet on a regular basis to discuss current events and impacts on the Club. We have more info regarding the Park’s plan to reopen the marina.

At this time, the Park management feels people are itching to put boats into wet slips, and then to allow people to put boats in Summer dry slips. As such, they are encouraging people with boats in Winter storage to move boats out of that storage. This means you can take your boat out of storage to wherever (home, other storage location not at the Park, etc.) or you can launch your boat and put it in your wet slip, storing the trailer as you normally would do for the summer. While the Park is opening marina wet slips beginning Friday, 5/8, I can confirm that the Park is calling Winter storage people directly and advising them to remove the boat whenever they can, even beginning before 5/8. At the same time, the Park is NOT saying all boats must be removed from Winter storage by this weekend, 5/8-5/10. The Park is suggesting boats be removed as is reasonable and safe. Certainly, they realize spreading boat launches out over time, rather than having a large group of boats going in all at once (like, in one weekend) is reasonable and desirable. Because of this, the Club recommends that you DO NOT rush to remove your boat IMMEDIATELY this weekend. There is time to remove your boat, and the Park is fully aware that this will be a process, and they are ok adjusting things as they come. As for Summer dry slip users, beginning the weekend of 5/16 and 5/17, if you want to move your boat to your Summer spot, please check and verify that your spot is open. Do not put your boat in any other storage spot in the event your spot still has a boat in it. Finally, the Park is being deluged with phone calls and emails regarding all this, so please be reasonable and understanding as they try to negotiate these trying times with very limited staff and resources, and no office staff assistance.

If you choose to launch your boat, or if you need to move it from Winter storage. we recommend the following: Keep in mind that bathrooms remain closed; plan accordingly. Observe all social distancing. Don’t gather together in groups. Don’t stand closer than 6’ apart, potentially farther apart based on wind conditions and direction. Wear a mask to protect others around you. Wear a mask while you are near others, say, in the parking lot. Be aware of coughing and sneezing while potentially upwind of others. Stagger your moving on and off the launch ramp docks. Be aware of touching doorknobs and dock gangplank locks. Wash your hands frequently.

Currently, our region is still considered a Red Zone. This includes Bucks County. The Governor’s office is still keeping our region under stay-at-home orders. Because of this, Fleet Council has decided to cancel events for the duration of these orders. Currently, we are cancelling all activities for the month of May. Also, we will not be having formal Club Launch Assistance, and the Club Chase boat and Committee boats will not be launched until stay-at-home recommendations are lifted. At this time, the ULDB Regatta and Picnic is being postponed. We will communicate more as we learn more going forward.

If you have a boat in Winter storage, and you need help moving or launching it, Fleet Council recommends using Club communication resources to find help. You should make your requests on the Facebook Nockamixon Sail Club (NSC) Group, and you should use the former NSCPA Yahoo Group, which is now effectively just an email list. We are sure there are individuals who will be willing to help while observing proper safety precautions.

Fleet Council will be meeting again at the end of May and I will communicate additional information at that time.

Finally, please consider submitting to the current issue of the Compass newsletter. If you worked on projects this winter. If you have cool old pictures of Club activities. If you took an unusual sailing trip. Any and all of these submissions are welcome, to provide all of you a pleasant diversion while we wait for sailing to resume.


Commodore Brian

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