Club events June 1 and 2

Whoops, this short week got away from me, and I haven’t posted our events for the weekend! Sorry!

This Saturday, we have fleet racing scheduled. Each fleet gets its own start. Also, Race Committee is looking for another person to help Bruce Idleman.

Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t look too cooperative. The wind forecast for Saturday is very, very low to almost non-existant. Weather should be ok, with sunshine and high temps in the low 80’s. Chances for showers increase in the afternoon. On Sunday, the weather changes with winds building out of the SW, and chances for showers all day, with showers and thunderstorms likely in the afternoon.

On the equipment front, I have received the replacement pop up tent. Maybe I can get it up to the lake tonight. This gives us 2 new matching popup tents, and a spare canopy and frame we can cannibalize for parts as needed. Also, I have ordered new “feather flags” which we will use to advertise the Club during events. These are like those things you see out front of gas stations or mobile phone stores. I hope they will arrive within the next 2 weeks, so they are available for the Flying Scot Glenn Wesley Memorial and Regional Regatta. I even had a bonafide graphic designer work on them, so they won’t look like I used clip art!

Commodore Brian

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