A sad season so far…

Folks, don’t feel too bad. My weather guy says we’re going to have well below average temperatures and periods of rain almost every other day for the next several weeks. On top of the rest of our worries.

We just received an update from Park management, with specific information how to remove your boat from storage. Remember, once removed, you can not put it back in storage until the park opens. I will quote the message below. We have no other information than this:

“We are hoping to hear an update on Park Facilities this week. It is possible the facilities closure will be extended beyond April 30th. Calls to the park office requesting updates will not be returned. It is not possible to return 100’s of these phone calls. Information will be posted on our website and facebook page once we have it.”
Re park procedures for removing you boat from dry storage ( but not return)

For those with current winter dry storage, you may remove your boat at any time, but once it is removed, you may not put it back. There are plastic barricades or cones at dry storage down in the Marina. Those with boats may move them and claim their property at any time. But again, once it is moved, do not put it back. For those with winter dry storage up in the Day Use Area, if you wish to pick up your boat, please enter the park via the Park office. You will approach plastic barricades immediately after Parking Lots 1+2. You may move those cones or barricades to drive through and pick up your boat if you wish. Please re-set the cones and barricades immediately after driving through to prevent the public from going in there. And again, if you take it, do not put it back. It would not be possible for us to coordinate the pickup of everyone’s boat with our current staffing and office closure. This is the process for now.

Commodore Brian

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