Date:  Sat, 06/29/2019 – 10:00am – 3:00pm

This is the NSC Summer Social Event of the season.  Warms winds, great food, and good freinds combine to make this the most popular event NSC holds.  Don’t miss it!

The Regatta part is a simple out and back drag race, which is why it’s called the “Up the Lake, Down and Back”

Skippers meeting at 10am at the tents.  Race at 11am, with a big picnic right after.

The ULDB uses a start for a Racing Division and another start for a Cruising Division and awards are given for both divisions.

Club members, please RSVP, so we have a count for food.  We will have a hard cutoff date of June 22nd for the ULDB RSVP.

Please RSVP here:

(Note:  Last year, about 30% of the attendees RSVP’d after the deadline, and that makes it really difficult to run an outdoor catered event.  One of the keys to success is to know how many people are coming.  Please RSVP early)

The ULDB open to all members of Nockamixon Sail Club, their guests and sailors in the community.  Guests require guest registration and fees.

Guests should review our Guest Racing Package available at

For RC guidelines see attachment below.

ULDB Regatta Guidelines_0.pdf66.54 KB

Racing Fleet Results

ULDB Racing Division Scores
  If wind is blank, D-PN is used   
Skipper Sail No.MinSecDec MinHCCrtd TimePlace
Paul ProzzilloTH3911731573.25083.088.2531
Tony StuartTH387476076.00083.091.5662
Brian ScarboroughF56620931593.25095.497.7463
Jeff SimonHRB2096911691.26792.099.2034
Gary BonnerTH3077824482.73383.099.6795
Goshe kosciunukFSCT4344893689.60089.6100.0006
John WheldenFSCT3678894589.75089.6100.1677
Warren RosenTH3923904690.76783.0109.3578
WarrenIPS21 149965396.88383.4116.1679
Tourtellott*SNT23R 13598198.01783.6117.24510
GuyIPS21 181991199.18383.4118.92511
Dan GalyonSS 18Raptor984598.75079.0125.00012

Cruising Fleet Results

ULDB Cruising Division Scores
  If wind is blank, D-PN is used   
Skipper Sail No.MinSecDec MinHCCrtd TimePlace
Steve PolakHPN5.27763876.63396.064.2012
Bill ClarkCMP19Bon Temps931193.183107.372.8644
Gwen JacobsPRS21185941794.28399.080.0845
John KozloffCAT227282945494.90096.382.9706
Ken Van CampODY192Pooh’s corner99899.13398.385.5888
Scot DanielsCAT22summer breeze10416104.26796.392.69611
karen AllenPRS23??10435104.58396.093.31612
Jack BasileCAT22137101059105.15096.393.61413
CoacheTNZ22Bplane crazy1050105.00096.093.75014