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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to questions which are frequently asked about the Nockamixon Sail Club and the NSC Web Site. If you have a question which is not answered here or not answered well enough, please let us know.

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The dues as of this writing is $50 for a Cruising Member and $100 for a Racing Member.  Check out the application for the current cost.

No.  Your NSC membership includes the participation of all family members.

If this is your first time being assigned race committee, there should be an experienced member on RC with you.  If not contact the Rear Commodore of Racing.  For the details on RC duty, go to the Race Committee web page.  On this page find the Race Committee Workbook.  This contains all the details you will need.  You also want to review the rest of the documents on this page also.

Club member contact information, your address, phone number, etc., is maintained by the Membership Secretary.  You can see who this is by going to the web site "NSC" menu (at the top of the page) and selecting the "Fleet Council" item.

The Nockamixon Sail Club is a club of boat owners and does not provide sailing lessons.  There are sailing schools that have posted links to their WEB sites from our site.  Check out the links at   We, of course, do not make recommendations to a specific school, but encourage you to investigate which offering might best suit your needs.

NSCPA is a Yahoo! Group we use primarily to send out group email to those interested in the Nockamixon Sail Club.  The topics include upcoming events as well as other topics anyone feels may be of interest to the group.  You can join the group at

Contact the the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources at 215-529-7300.

There is a waiting list for dry slips and wet slips for both the summer and winter season.  We do not maintain these lists so do not know how long a wait or whether slips are currently available.  Check with the marina administrators at the number above for all the detail.

The summer wet slip season runs from April through October.  You can put your boat in your slip as early as the first of April.  It must be removed by the last day of October.

The Nockamixon Sail Club does not manage the marina slips.  For the official information contact the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources at 215-529-7300.

The summer dry slip season runs from May to October.  You can put your boat in her dry slip on the first of May.  It must be removed by October 15.

The Nockamixon Sail Club does not manage the marina slips.  For the official information contact the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources at 215-529-7300.

Sleeping on your boat overnight while it is anchored in the lake is not permitted.  The Park Rangers will cite offenders.  Sleeping overnight in your designated wet slip is allowed.

A little back ground:

The waters of the Park are governed by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission and not the DNRC who run the park itself.(provide the rangers etc)

from the PFBC:  'Enforcement of boating laws and regulations, along with providing for safety on Pennsylvania waters, is the responsibility of the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission’s Waterways Conservation Officers. Some of the waters of the state are also patrolled by other agencies such as the Bureau of State Parks, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Coast Guard and the National Park Service. '

The PFBC boating rules and regulations apply here as we are talking about the waters of the Lake.

The following acts are prohibited on PFBC property:

  • Camping, building or maintaining fires.
  • Picking, cutting or digging flowers, plants, shrubs or trees.
  • Swimming at Commission access areas or in Commission-owned lakes.
  • Leaving trash, garbage or debris, except as placed in containers provided for such purposes and accumulated only during the use of Commission property.
  • Removing or defacing any sign, poster or property.
  • Overnight sleeping in boats, automotive vehicles, tents, campers or the like.
  • Blocking driveways, access roads or launch ramps.
  • Parking in undesignated areas.

Click here: Pennsylvania Boating Handbook - Chapter 6.2, PFBC Lakes & Access Areas for the latest from the PFBC web site.

In our local park the rules of the DNRC apply to the all the land arround the lake and the boats legally moored to the land , i.e. the marina.  For all the park rules check out

YouTube provides the HTML information you need to embed the video in a web page.  It is typically located on the video's page in a block in the upper right corner. Recently you need to press the "Share" button and then the "Embed" button to see the HTML embed info.  Be sure to select "use old embed code" also.

Select the Embed html and copy it (use Ctrl-c)

Back on the NSC web site, if you look closely at the post entry screen, near the bottom you will find "Input Format". Click on it.  The menu will open and give you some choices. Select "HTML Corrector".

Then the text edit area will show the HTML for what you have entered in your post so far.  Find where you want to insert the embed and paste it there (use Ctrl-v).

After you can choose "WYSIWYG" format to finish up, if you like.

Some of the site content is restricted to club members only.  You must be logged in as a club member to see this otherwise you will get "Access Denied"

Fleet pages are maintained by the NSC Webmaster.  Have the Fleet Captain for the fleet send all changes to

The NSC currently does not post paid advertising on the web site.  Club members can submit a link to for our "Cool Web Links" section.

The official policy on commercial activity on the site is:

Any club member may submit a vendor/supplier web link for posting on the NSC web site. The information posted will include a short description of the services offered and a small number of links to their web site and or email contact information. There will be only one posting per vendor. The services offered must be in alignment with Article II of the NSC Constitution to be posted. The NSC Webmaster will confirm this is the case. If not he will remove the posting.

We do occassionally take advertisements for placement in our quarterly newsletter, The Compass.  If interested contact the NSC Communications Officer.

You have two choices.  The preferred method is to post to the NSC.ORG section of the Forums.  You can also send email to

Create a blog post with the full url of the site you want to link in the body of the post.  For example, is a full url.  In the blog post, be sure provide a description of the link and why it's interesting.

You get to the point of creating your post by selecting "My blog" which is located towards the top of the right column of the site once you are logged in.  From there select "Post new blog entry".

The key to adding it to the current list of links is setting the "Contents" indication.  Make sure "Cool Web Links" is selected.

How can I download a single photo from a Photo Gallery?
When viewing a Photo Gallery, each photo appears in its own container. There is no way to save the image from this container.

Move your mouse pointer over the thumbnail (small) image then press your right mouse button.  This will bring up a menu of choices.  Depending on your web browser one will be something "Open Link in New Tab".  Choosing this will open a new tab in your web browser which will contain the full size image of the photo.  From this tab you can typically save the image using either the File menu or another right mouse pop-up menu.

How can I post an item for sale on the site?
If I am selling my boat or some parts, how do I put an advertisement for it on the web site?

There are 2 ways:

  1. After you log into the site, in the right column menu select "Create content".  Then choose "For Sale". This will give you the form to create your item post.  Once you hit the "Save" button, your item will be shown on the web site.
  2. If you are not comfortable creating your post feel free to send Glenn your content and he'll post it for you.

Please only post your personal items.
Please have the post removed once the item is sold