NOCKAMIXON SAIL CLUB – 4/6/2020 Meeting Minutes

·         Meeting start –  7:05 pm

·         Attendance:  Brian Scarborough,  Tom Smith, Craig Tourtellott,  Judy Morrison,  Paul Servantes,  Warren Mangen,  Paul Prozzillo, Lynn Detweiler, Bruce Idleman, Karen Allen

·         Minutes from Fleet Council meeting of 3/2/20:  One correction noted.  Motion to approved by Bruce Idleman, seconded by Craig Tourtellott, motion passed. 

·         Treasurer – Tom Smith

o   79 cruisers, 28 racers

o   We currently have $22,071.44.  Net income of $6701.72. 

o   We sold $1705 of tickets for the warm up, and have refunded $400 so far.  Karen will send one more email to see who wants the refund vs. who wants to donate their money to the club.

o   We do need to pay the hall $100 but got all of our money from the caterer refunded. 

o   We haven’t received a bill for the insurance yet.  Craig will follow up and check on this. 

·         Vice Commodore – Chelsea and Karen

o   Karen will use her credit card to put a hold with the caterer for the ULDB.  If we cancel at least 7 days before, we will get 100% of our money back.  The plan is still to have it on June 27. 

o   The fall banquet reservation has been made for the William Penn Inn. 

·         Rear Commodore Racing – Gary Bonner (Absent)

o   We’re still waiting on permits

·         Rear Commodore Cruising – Paul Servantes

o   We’re still waiting on permits

·         Membership Secretary – Judy Morrison

o   We have 79 Cruisers and 28 racers.  I’m still waiting to hear from Linda Hutchings.  We need her signature or check mark on the website form for her registration to be active, even though she paid at the fall banquet.  Judy will reach out to her again. 

o   Bruce wants to have a new way to understand people requesting to join the Facebook group.  He’ll email the administrators about his plan. 

o   Judy sent an email last week to everyone who hasn’t renewed yet, and will send another one this week.

·         Communication – Bruce Idleman

o   Not much new on the website. 

o   Ken will continue to put the Compass out until he moves to Florida

·         Quartermaster – Craig Tourtellott

o   He hasn’t moved the boats yet, but will do it soon. 

o   We need to check on the lease agreement for the Sunfish.  Warren will get the email contact information for the park person to Craig.

·         OLD BUSINESS

o   Tents:  Nothing new.  Paul P. is still working on this. 

o   The questions about membership in ASA, Boat US, etc have been removed from the membership renewal form.

o   New number plates and liferings:  We probably won’t be able to get to these until after May 1.  The liferings have been locked up.  We will use Velcro to keep them up rather than having them locked.  There will also be rubber rails behind the number plates. 


o   Compac – Bill Pfanstiel:  (absent) No report

o   Flying Scot – Phil Scheetz:  (absent) No report

o   Thistle – Craig Smith:  (absent)  No report

o   Catalina – Paul Servantes:  No report 

o   O’Day, and Precision: No report

o   Portsmouth – Craig Tourtellott: No report

o   Impulse – Warren Mangan: No report

o   Family Fleet – Dave Radeschi:  (absent)  No report

·         NEW BUSINESS

o   We need to edit the events in the calendar.  All events for April need to be cancelled and/or rescheduled.  Paul S. and Gary will remove their appropriate events.

o   Brian will email the club stating that the launch weekend will be the first full weekend after the park re-opens.

o   The Compass – For May, we need topics.  Maybe have people talk about trips they’ve taken.  Also, a section on “Get to Know Fleet Council” with a photo and bio of each of the FC members and what our jobs are.  Basically, we want the club members to know that we’re still doing things.  Bruce will talk to Ken about the FC section, and will email all members of FC with what should be included. 

o   Brian will follow up with Bill regarding the swag. 

Meeting adjournment at 8:05 pm. Motioned by Judy Morrison.  Seconded by Lynn Detweiler.  All approved.

o   Next meeting May 4, 2020 at 7 PM at Paul’s 6626 Easton Rd Pipersville Pa 18947 or via Zoom, depending on Social Distancing regulations.