NOCKAMIXON SAIL CLUB – 1/6/2020 Meeting Minutes

·         Meeting start –  7:05 pm

·         Attendance:  Brian Scarboro,  Tom Smith,  Craig Smith,  Craig Tourtellott,  Karen Allen and Chelsa Strzenpek,  Bruce Idleman,  Phil Sheetz,  Lynn Detwiler,  Paul Servantes,  David Radeshi,  Warren Mangen,  Paul Prozzillo

·         Minutes from Fleet Council meeting of 11/4/19:  Motion to approve by Tom Smith, second by Craig Smith, motion passed. 

·         Treasurer – Tom Smith

o   Presentation of the 2019 summary, 122 Cruiser and 39 Racer members.  Gross income of $19232 and gross expenses of $20925.  $1600 in the red due to $2200 transferred from Capital Acc to Gen Acc for purchased new Committee boat trailer.

o   Summary “2019 ran like clockwork, spend more on boats”

·         Vice Commodore – Chelsea and Karen

o   Dublin Vol Fire House is reserved for Mar 14th, food will be order from Giuseppe’s.   There will be a 50/50 to raise funds to donate.  ULDB date set for June 28th.

·         Rear Commodore Racing – Gary Bonner (absent)

o   Absent, Sent in info that permits have been applied for and we have a draft Racing calendar.  Race days will be limited to 18 to help with RC duty needs.

·         Rear Commodore Cruising – Paul Servantes

o   “Raft Up’s” will be held on full moons and the Sunday afternoons between.  There will be a push to get non-boat owners to use the RC boat in activates.  Sunfish picnics and water wars are planned as well.  Park has asked NSC to hold a “Sail and Learn” on how to tie up a boat, Nonmembers will be invited.

·         Membership Secretary – Judy Morrison (absent)

o   Absent, We currently have 17 cruisers and 5 racers and 5 honorary members for 2020. 

·         Communication – Bruce Idleman

o   Work on website is progressing, small group met and worked out what was needed and decided to move away from the Drupal Platform to the WordPress platform to aid in future maintenance and ease of use.  More to be reported at next meeting.

o   Compass has been issued

o   Brochures will be printed and dates need to be added to the calendar. 

·         Quartermaster – Craig Tourtellott

o   Aluminum mast will be returned to the committee boat for the flags. 

o   A new trailer for the comm. boat has been purchased and will be fitted in the spring.

o   Sunfish have been cleaned, stored and marked with the NSC.

·         OLD BUSINESS

o   “Party Tent” Paul Prozzillo has been tasked with purchasing a 20/30 by 40 white tent in the range of $800 – $1000.  Similar to the tent we have.

o   Insurance rider for teaching sail classes has been hard to get and Craig T will check our options. 

o   Service projects await the parks supplied materials to get started, (# Signs and Life rings)


Compac – Bill Pfanstiel:  No report (absent)

o   Flying Scot – Phil Scheetz:  Winter get together is planned, mid winters are planned all is well.

o   Thistle – Craig Smith:  Winter get together is planned, mid winters are planned all is well.

o   Catalina – Paul Servantes:  No report 

o   O’Day, and Precision: No report

o   Portsmouth – Craig Tourtellott: No report

o   Impulse – Warren Mangan: No report

o   Family Fleet – Dave Radeschi:  No report

·         NEW BUSINESS

o    New website options will be presented at next meeting.  

o   Spring Warm Up and ULDB will have fundraisers to benefit the Tohicken Fire Co and Haycock Rescue.   Brian S. will ask them if they have a specific need. 

o   There will be activates at the warm up, Rain Gutter Regatta and Presentation.  Web form and RSVP / PayPal like will be added to website for Warm Up.

o   Brian S. “as the population ages and the use of pontoon boats grow, what can the club do to keep these members involved or possibly add activities for these pontoon members?”

·         Meeting adjournment at pm. Motioned by Bruce Idleman.  Seconded by Karen Allen.  All approved.

o   Next meeting February 3, 2020 at 7 PM at Paul’s 6626 Easton Rd Pipersville Pa 18947