Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the banquet/annual meeting on Sunday, November 15th.  Attached are up-to-date P&L and Balance Sheet reports.  I believe all 2015 expenses have been paid except for the closeout of the Fall Banquet expense.  The P&L shows a net profit of $2,620.02 which will be applied to the Fall Banquet bakance.  We have  $13,687.84 in our checking account, $5,083.70 of which is earmarked for future capital expenditures..

 The health of our treasury is sound.  The Admiralty audited our accounts on October 5, 2015.

Tom Smith
NSC Treasurer

NSC Balance Sheet 11-13-15.pdf9.23 KB
NSC Profit and Loss YTD 11-13-15.pdf11.12 KB