NOCKAMIXON SAIL CLUB – 5/4/2020 Meeting Minutes

·         Meeting start –  7:04 pm

·         Attendance:  Brian Scarborough,  Tom Smith, Craig Tourtellott,  Judy Morrison,  Paul Servantes,  Warren Mangen,  Paul Prozzillo, Lynn Detweiler, Bruce Idleman, Karen Allen, Gary Bonner, Dave Radeschi, Craig Smith, Phil Scheetz

·         Minutes from Fleet Council meeting of 4/6/20:  One correction noted.  Motion to approve by Bruce Idleman, seconded by Lynn Detweiler, motion passed. 

·         Treasurer – Tom Smith

o   91 cruisers, 29 racers

o   We currently have $20,643.51.  Net income of $5273.79. 

·         Vice Commodore – Karen (Present) and Chelsea (Absent)

o   Karen will cancel the caterer for the ULDB. 

o   She sent out one more email regarding refunds for the Spring Warm up, and 7-8 more people requested refunds.  No further action will be taken regarding the spring warm up. 

o   The ULDB and Fall Banquet may be cancelled or delayed in the year.  FC will continue to monitor COVID issues and plan accordingly.

·         Rear Commodore Racing – Gary Bonner

o   We’re still waiting on permits from the park.

o   We have the permits from the Fish and Boat Commission

o   The race committee has been scheduled for all racing.

o   All racing and events will be cancelled for May and the beginning of June. 

o   The Glenn Wesley Regatta will likely be cancelled this year. 

·         Rear Commodore Cruising – Paul Servantes

o   All cruising events are cancelled through the end of May.  We will look at June events at the end of May. 

o   We will not have a large group to assist with launching boats.  If people want to launch and need assistance, they should contact club members and continue to maintain social distancing rules. 

·         Membership Secretary – Judy Morrison

o   We have 89 Cruisers and 29 racers.  I’m still waiting to hear from Linda Hutchings.  We need her signature or check mark on the website form for her registration to be active, even though she paid at the fall banquet.  Judy will reach out to her again.  Also waiting on Sarah Gray to pay her final $10 before adding her to membership.

o   We will not purge the mailing list until the end of June due to COVID-19 issues this year.

o   Judy will begin emailing those who haven’t yet renewed once the marina opens up. 

·         Communication – Bruce Idleman

o   Not much new with the website.  Bruce will try to talk to Dave soon.

o   The Compass reminder was sent out last week.  Please submit articles about trips, boat work you’re doing, photos from previous years’ events…

o   Regarding the “Meet Fleet Council” section of the Compass.  We should each write a few lines about our role and personal information.  Bruce will provide suggestions and send them in an email. 

o   Facebook Group:  A long discussion was held.  We will change the questions to be:  1. Are you a member?  2.  If you are not a member, please go to our website for more information and to join the club. 

·         Quartermaster – Craig Tourtellott

o   The boats are ready to go.  Craig will not put them in until the lake is no longer in the “Red Zone” for COVID-19.  Once the stay at home orders are lifted, he will put the boats in the water, and may ask for some assistance at that point. 

o   Craig emailed Obie and Robert at the park for the Sunfish lease.  We think we will not get it until after the Stay At Home orders are lifted.  The Sunfish are all locked in the building, and are safe. 

·         OLD BUSINESS


o   Compac – Bill Pfanstiel:  (absent) No report

o   Flying Scot – Phil Scheetz:  No report

o   Thistle – Craig Smith:  No report

o   Catalina – Paul Servantes:  No report 

o   O’Day, and Precision: No report

o   Portsmouth – Craig Tourtellott: No report

o   Impulse – Warren Mangan: No report

o   Family Fleet – Dave Radeschi:   No report

·         NEW BUSINESS

o   COVID-19 and stay at home orders:  The park is opening the marina on May 8.  The park is encouraging those with boats in winter dry storage to remove them as soon as possible, and they can begin to put them in the water in the marina now.  Boats need to be out of winter dry storage by May 16, as that is when the summer dry storage will begin.  Brian will send an email letting people know about this, and telling them to continue to social distance and remind them that the bathrooms are not yet open.  He will suggest that those people who do not have boats in winter dry storage wait a bit or go mid week to put their boats in the water to avoid potentially crowded conditions on the weekend. 

o   All club activities for May are cancelled.  We will not hold any club activities while the stay at home order is in place for Bucks County.  We will have another meeting at the end of May to discuss options for June once updated recommendations from the Governor’s office have been received. 

o   Let’s consider a club happy hour via Zoom.  We want to help people feel connected.  We’ll plan something for June. 

Meeting adjournment at 8:53 pm. Motioned by Judy Morrison.  Seconded by Tom Smith.  All approved.

o   Next meeting May 28, 2020 at 7 PM via Zoom