NOCKAMIXON SAIL CLUB – 3/2/2020 Meeting Minutes

·         Meeting start –  7:05 pm

·         Attendance:  Brian Scarborough,  Tom Smith, Craig Tourtellott,  Phil Sheetz,  Laurine Valenti, Judy Morrison,  Paul Servantes,  David Radeshi,  Warren Mangen,  Paul Prozzillo, Lynn Detweiler, Bruce Idleman, Karen Allen, Jerry Dunlap

·         Minutes from Fleet Council meeting of 2/3/20:  Motion to approve by Lynn Detweiler, seconded by Bruce Idleman, motion passed. 

·         Treasurer – Tom Smith

o   54 cruisers, 24 racers

o   $840 collected for Spring Warm Up

o   Spent some money on Compass mailing, website, and brochures

o   We currently have $19,871.41.  Net income of $4536.69. 

o   The insurance bill should be coming this month.  It will be around $3300.

o   We will donate to Friends of Nockamixon, but will wait until after ULDB.

·         Vice Commodore – Chelsea and Karen (Absent)

o   We have 37 adults and 5 kids registered.  We’re still waiting on some payments for the spring warm up. 

o   Name Tags:  Do we need any special name tags?  Paul Prozillo will print 300 of them and bring them to the warm up.

o   Karen will print the names of people who will are registered, and collect outstanding money.

o   Brian has the stuff for the Raingutter Regatta, and will bring it to the Warm Up.  Karen ordered 2 boats.  They need to be put together and painted.    Brian has ideas for boats for the kids to make and paint then race, and will have all of this.  Paul P. will help him with this.  Chelsea will need to get lots of magic markers and craft paper to cover the table.

o   Prizes:  Chelsea found a 4 fender kit on Amazon for $65 for the adults, but we’ll pass on that.    Brian has a treasure chest with lots of little things to offer for prizes for the kids. 

o   If Dan has an internet connection, he will call in and they’ll use Karen’s computer and project it onto a screen.  Brian will bring his projector.  Karen will bring her Bluetooth Boombox.  They have a screen.  We haven’t been able to get anyone from the firehall to give us presentation.  Bruce can get a presentation together on the Grenadines as a backup if Dan can’t do it. 

o   We’ll have a 50/50 raffle to benefit the firehall. $1 per ticket, 6 for $5.  Can get the tickets at the Dollar Store.  Or email Marsha to see if she has any left from last year. 

o   Need to confirm a date with caterers for the ULDB.  The date is 6/27/2020.

o   The date for the fall banquet has been reserved.  It is November 8, 2020.

·         Rear Commodore Racing – Gary Bonner (Absent)

o   Race schedule is set.  Still waiting on permit, but we don’t usually get that until closer to the season.

·         Rear Commodore Cruising – Paul Servantes

o   April 4 – we’ll do a training session for the mast raising system. 

o   Send messages to the membership telling people to ask for help if they need it for launching.  We will offer planned launch assistance on 4/11 and 4/18.  The chase boat will go in on 4/2.  It would be helpful to have the dock line instructions for launch days.  Brian to replace the one Terry has and will post on the bulletin board.  He’ll print them and get them to the park. 

o   The Coves Poker Challenge – Paul was going to ask Colin to lead this. 

o   Sunday afternoon rafts up are on the calendar.

o   We need to line up “instructors” for the tech sessions. 

o   Calendar is updated.  Paul still needs to add more detailed explanation on them.

·         Membership Secretary – Judy Morrison

o   We 55 Cruisers and 26 racers.  I’m still waiting to hear from Linda Hutchings.  We need her signature or check mark on the website form for her registration to be active, even though she paid at the fall banquet. 

o   Judy will send the email after the warm up because Karen has been reminding people to renew their membership in her emails about the warm up.

·         Communication – Bruce Idleman (Absent)

o   Brian made new tri-fold brochures.  He printed them at work, and Kinkos folded them.  They look really good.  He gave 150 to be dropped off at the park office.  Greg Morrison offered to keep the bins full. 

o   The Compass came out, and it was a great edition.  Ken Van Camp will only be able to do one more Compass edition, then he is going to step down from doing this.  We need to find someone to take that on. 

o   Website:  Bruce is working with developers for Word Press.  He got some prices, and they are high, but not as high as Drupal.  Chelsea’s husband Dave is a website developer.  He is happy to work on the site for us and considers it a contribution.  But we should compensate him in some way.  He will start working on this in the next week or 2.  If you have any photos from the lake in the last few years, send them to Bruce.  Much of the text from the website will need to be re-written.  Hoping to have a First Pass at a new site by the ULDB. 

·         Quartermaster – Craig Tourtellott

o   We’ll move the boats from Paul’s in 2 weeks to get them ready and prepped for launching. 

o   Still need to work on dimensions for the box for the Sunfish storage. 

·         OLD BUSINESS

o   Charity – we’re going to collect money for Ottsville for new PFD’s. 

o   Tent – We’ll have a tent by June.  Paul continues to work on this.

o   Lessons – We are not going to do formal lessons.  Dave Radeschi, Rick Werkheiser, and Jeremy McAllister have expressed interest.  We’d need a commitment of at least 1 year of teaching for the club.  The club will pay for the course and the participants would pay for travel.  The ideal time would be 2 weekends in September.  Brian will email Rick and Jeremy to confirm interest. 

o   Swag – Samples have been ordered.  We’ll have white and blue hats available, burgees have been ordered.  We will order high tech clothing polos, long sleeve tees, men’s tees, women’s tees, kids tees.  Brian bought a tech tee and a polo and will have it at the warm up.  Orders will be placed at the Spring Warm Up. 


o   Compac – Bill Pfanstiel:  (absent) No report

o   Flying Scot – Phil Scheetz:  Midwinters are later in March.  Mike Mandell and Phil Scheetz are going. 

o   Thistle – Craig Smith:  (absent) they are at midwinters now.

o   Catalina – Paul Servantes:  No report 

o   O’Day, and Precision: No report

o   Portsmouth – Craig Tourtellott: No report

o   Impulse – Warren Mangan: No report

o   Family Fleet – Dave Radeschi:  How do we word the sunfish “training”?  Family centered familiarization with the Sunfish Fleet.  “Come out and sail with your kids.  If you’re comfortable with them going solo, we’ll have experienced sailors on the chase boat available to provide tips as needed.”  Dave, Rick, and Jeremy should be available to run the Chase boat, and offer to provide tips to the kids when they’re sailing.  Craig will help Judy add a column to the membership list to include the family fleet. 

·         NEW BUSINESS

o    Lynn has expressed a desire to step down.  Tom will be stepping down in November.  Ken is also going to step down.  This should be announced at the warm up.  If we can find a replacement for Ken, they should start soon so they can learn with him during the next Compass publishing.  The Admiralty (including the Fleet Captains) shall be tasked to begin to look for these members. 

o   Our membership application asks if we are members of ASA, US Sailing, or Boat US.  Do we need this?  No.   Motioned by Bruce Idleman, Seconded by Tom Smith.  Phil removed these questions from the online form. 

o   We’d like to pay Dave for working on the website, in addition to what he needs to purchase.  We will set aside $2500 for the website development project to be used as needed as the project is moving along.  Motioned by Judy Morrison.  Seconded by Phil Scheetz.  All approved.  Motion passed.  Bruce will request checks for reimbursement of items purchased.  Brian and Bruce will jointly request payment for services rendered. 

o   Brain has stuff that is being stored here at Paul’s office.  Spare framework for pop up tents and a spare canopy for the tents.  Feather flags will go to Craig T.  Tom has a box of treasury stuff that was given to him 6 years ago.  He hasn’t looked at it.  Paul said to bring it to the next meeting. 

o   Warren has been working on the covers for the life rings.  Obie purchased new number plates for the docks. 

Meeting adjournment at 9 pm. Motioned by Bruce Idleman .  Seconded by Karen Allen.  All approved.

o   Next meeting April 6, 2020 at 7 PM at Paul’s 6626 Easton Rd Pipersville Pa 18947