NOCKAMIXON SAIL CLUB – 2/3/2020 Meeting Minutes

·         Meeting start –  7:05 pm

·         Attendance:  Brian Scarborough,  Tom Smith,  Craig Smith,  Craig Tourtellott,  Phil Sheetz,  Laurine Valenti, Judy Morrison,  Paul Servantes,  David Radeshi,  Warren Mangen,  Paul Prozzillo

·         Minutes from Fleet Council meeting of 1/6/20:  Motion to approve by Craig Tourtellott, second Laurine Valenti, motion passed. 

·         Treasurer – Tom Smith

o   We have $3192 for the year net income.  $18,526.86 in the bank.

o   32 cruiser and 18 racers

·         Vice Commodore – Chelsea and Karen (Absent)

o   They sent a copy of the flyer.  Recommend to change parking to back of the firehouse for Spring Warm Up. 

o   Last year, we had a $250 deficit for the warm up.  Should we raise the fee to $30?  Motion to keep the payment for the Warm Up at $25 by Paul Servantes.  Seconded by Warren Mangen.  Approved.  May consider raising cost of fall banquet. 

o   Do we want the 50/50 raffle to go to the club?  Multiple attempts to reach both fire departments, but they haven’t replied.  We would also like to have someone come to the Warm Up to do a presentation on safety/rescue.  Warren will reach out to Obie to see if he can help.  They did cash the check from last year. 

o   Chelsea said that Dan Reasoner would be happy to do a presentation IF he has wifi and can Skype in.  Any other thoughts on a presentation if he can’t do it?  Maybe Bruce Idleman on their charter to the Grenadines?

o   Phil please coordinate with Chelsea and Karen and set up the website and open registration. 

·         Rear Commodore Racing – Gary Bonner (Absent)

o   We need to pare back 2 race days.  He added 2 additional days to give us flexibility. 

·         Rear Commodore Cruising – Paul Servantes

o   Paul still needs access to the calendar to put the dates in on the website.  Phil may be able to do that. 

·         Membership Secretary – Judy Morrison

o   We have 18 racers and 30 cruisers

o   7 new members for 2020 so far

o   Still many fleet council who haven’t renewed

o   Judy will start to send reminders

·         Communication – Bruce Idleman (Absent)

o   Phil will open access to the website to allow FC to update the website. 

o   He finished the proposal for the website, and will send it to Craig and Phil later this week.  He emailed 3 people to do WordPress, and 2 of them still expressed interest, and he will also follow up with Chelsea’s husband.  He will have more information at the next meeting. 

·         Quartermaster – Craig Tourtellott

o   Dave found an inexpensive dolly that Craig purchased. 

o   Craig is moving forward with the dollies and the updates to the equipment. 

o   He will wait until March to start working on the boats

·         OLD BUSINESS

o   Paul ordered a tent, it arrived, and it was stained and missing poles.  He returned what he bought.  He figured out that we need 16oz, not 14oz.  He will continue to look at options. 

o   Service Projects:  Warren asked him about the numbers.  Obie asked him to send the list again.  He is also working on the life rings.  He is changing the backboards to be aluminum.  He has enough to put 2 on every pier.  They cost around $250 total.  The park has asked Warren if we can install them as well.  Warren to let us know if he needs help with making them.  We may need to put them all in at the same time. 

o   Lessons and insurance for lessons.  Dave talked to Mike Brown.  If we use him and his insurance, the class would be totally through him.  People would need to sign up through him, not through us.  ASA takes $100 per student.  He would charge $195 per student.  We would need to cover the insurance for the boats as charter insurance.  He would need to certify an instructor(s).  This class would cost $300.  Decision was made to not use NSS as our training.  The US Sailing connection says we need to have a US Sailing certified (at least one) and certified life-saving, CPR, complete SafeSport, and maintain US Sailing membership.  It would be $400 for that plus travel, room and board.  Motion to pursue this US Sailing training and financially support up to 2 people in the club made by Craig Tourtellot.  Seconded by Laurine Valenti.  Motion passes.  Dave Radeschi will look into this and report at the next meeting.  Dave will also send an article in the newsletter to Ken for the Compass. For this year, we will just continue with a family fleet Sunfish program.  We will have a Sunfish Fun day for adults.    


o   Compac – Bill Pfanstiel:  No report (absent)

o   Flying Scot – Phil Scheetz:  

o   Thistle – Craig Smith:   We had a great meeting.  We may do some informal 2:2 racing on their way out to racing before racing starts for the day. 

o   Catalina – Paul Servantes:  No report 

o   O’Day, and Precision: No report

o   Portsmouth – Craig Tourtellott: No report

o   Impulse – Warren Mangan: No report

o   Family Fleet – Dave Radeschi:  Please coordinate rain gutter regatta with Chelsea.  Brian has the stuff they might want to use.  And then promote this with the family fleet so kids will go to warm up.  Make sure she tried the origami boat will float before the night of the warm up. 

·         NEW BUSINESS

o    Begin to look for a treasurer as Tom would like to step down in November.  Admiralty should start to look at this. 

o   Race instructions say that people need to have insurance to participate in racing.  Brian will write about this issue in the Compass. 

o   Bill Clark wants to purchase 10 white ball caps, 10 burgees.  He also wants to buy 10 Men’s short sleeve polos, 10 women’s short sleeve polos, and 10 long sleeve tech shirts.  He also wants to spend $300 to purchase 100 grocery tote bags.  We will have him get the ball caps and burgees.  No need for a bunch of shirts to have in stock.  No need for bags.  Get one shirt for men and one for women and maybe one kid’s size to use as a sample.   Tech tees are probably more in demand than polo shirts. 

·         Meeting adjournment at 9 pm. Motioned by Judy Morrison.  Seconded by Laurine Valenti.  All approved.

o   Next meeting March 2, 2020 at 7 PM at Paul’s 6626 Easton Rd Pipersville Pa 18947