The Fleet shall be called Flying Scot® Fleet Number 163 and shall hereafter be referred to herein as the Fleet.


Fleet Headquarters shall be located at the home of the Fleet Secretary The home waters of the Fleet shall be Lake Nockamixon within the Nockamixon State Park, Bucks County, PA.


The Objectives of the Fleet shall be to encourage and promote on and off the water activities for Flying Scot® owners, promote the Flying Scot® Sailing Association, promote Cruising in the Flying Scot®, and to actively encourage new sailors, and potential sailors, to improve their sailing knowledge.


The fleet shall cooperate with other sailing organizations and insist upon strict observance of the Flying Scot ® Sailing Association (FSSA) Rules.


Section 1. The Fleet Constitution shall be binding on its Members and shall not conflict with those of the FSSA. The FSSA rules shall take precedence.

Section 2. Participation in distant events is encouraged and the Fleet accepts District Jurisdiction.


Section 1. Dues may be levied by the Fleet Officers and shall be due and payable by April 1 of each year. Fleet and FSSA dues must be paid in order for a Member to be in good standing. Members must pay District dues, fees, or other assessments when applicable.


Section 1. Fleet Membership shall be in accordance with the FSSA Constitution and Bylaws. Only Active FSSA Members shall have the privilege of Voting and holding Office in the Fleet. Fleet Membership is open to an owner, or substantial part owner, of a Flying Scot®, a regular crew in a Flying Scot®, or a friend or other supporter of the Fleet. Any Fleet Member may skipper a Flying Scot® in a Fleet Sanctioned Event and attend all Fleet Sanctioned social events. All Fleet Members shall receive Fleet Communications and may attend all activities for which any appropriate dues, fees, and assessments, are paid.

Other special membership categories may be designated by the Fleet.

Section 2. All Membership applications shall be approved by the Fleet Officers.

Section 3. Fleet Membership is required for participation in all Fleet Sanctioned Events. FSSA Membership is mandatory according to the FSSA Constitution for all FSSA Sanctioned events.



Section 1. Government of the Fleet shall be vested in the duly elected Fleet Officers, which shall establish major Fleet policy.

2. FLEET OFFICERS The Fleet Officers shall consist of the following:

Section 1. The Fleet Captain shall be the chief officer of the Fleet and shall assume Fleet leadership. The Captain shall serve as Chairman of the officers and shall vote only to break a tie vote. The general duties of the Captain shall include: Calling meetings, presiding, representing the Fleet, ruling on procedure and jurisdiction, summarizing decision, appointing committees, authorizing disbursements, settling disputes and rule violations, and serving as ex officio member of all committees except the Nomination Committee.

Note 1. Guidance can be found in the Fleet Captain’s manual published on the FSSA website. Fleet management information can also be found on the US SAILING One Design Class Council web site. There is a link to the Council’s information on the FSSA Website.

Section 2. The Fleet Secretary shall preserve and maintain the Fleet Charter and all papers, letters, and correspondence of the Fleet. The Secretary shall take the minutes of all meeting and maintain an up-to-date roster. The Secretary shall assume the duties of the Fleet Captain in his absence temporarily or permanently in his vacancy of the office. The Secretary shall prepare and submit the annual report to the FSSA and shall issue frequent Fleet Reports to the members and submit Fleet Reports for inclusion in the NSC Newsletter.

Section 3. The Fleet Treasurer shall collect, record, and disburse all Fleet funds as directed by the Fleet Captain. The Treasurer shall maintain a list of all Fleet Members in good standing.

Section 4. The Fleet Measurer shall serve a Chairman of the Fleet Measurement Committee. The Measurer shall advise on matters pertaining to boat construction, sails, rigging, fittings, and equipment of the Fleet boats, and shall be responsible for communication with the Class Measurer and be aware of any specification or measurement changes.

Section 5. The Fleet Social Director shall encourage and organize social activities for the Fleet during the sailing season, especially after Fleet racing and cruising events.

Section 6. The Officers shall serve a term of one year or until replaced by duly elected Officers. Officers may serve unlimited successive terms provided that they are duly elected annually.

Section 7. A Member may hold more than one elected Office when no qualified candidates are available for election or appointment to any Office. Fleet Officers may serve in both the Cruising Fleet and the Racing Fleet.

Section 8. Members of Fleet # 163 may participate in cruising and in racing activities.


Section 1. Fleet Meetings may be called by the Fleet Captain or the Fleet Secretary by at least 14 days notice using the Fleet e-mail list. The meetings shall be held at a time and place, which is reasonably accessible and convenient to the majority of Members.

Section 2. An Annual Fleet Meeting shall be held during the NSC Spring Warm-Up meeting. At least 30 days notice shall be given to the Fleet using the Fleet e-mail list. Business at the Annual Meeting shall include: Election of Officers, amendments to the Constitution, and the presentation of the Annual Report from the Fleet Captain. Results of the election of Fleet Officers shall be filed with the FSSA.


Section 1. A majority of the Fleet Officers shall constitute a quorum for an Officer’s Meeting.

Section 2. Twenty percent (20%) of the Fleet Members, including a majority of the Fleet Officers, shall constitute a quorum for a Fleet Business Meeting.


Section 1. The Fleet Officers shall be elected at the Annual Fleet Meeting to serve from that date to the date of the Annual Fleet Meeting in the following year. Any vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Fleet Captain to complete the term.

Section 2. Eligible candidates must indicate their willingness and capacity to serve a complete term or remainder of a term. Potential candidates shall be familiar with the Fleet and Class practices and policies and the expectations of the Fleet.

Note 2. It is very important that candidates possess the necessary commitment and ability to execute the duties of the assigned position. Failure to fulfill the responsibilities of any Fleet Officer role could be detrimental to the continued success of the Fleet.

Section 3. A Nominating Committee appointed by the Fleet Captain shall present their nominations at the Annual Meeting. Nominations shall also be received from the floor. If there are more than two candidates for an office, successive votes shall be conducted until one receives a majority of the votes. No proxy voting shall be allowed.


Section 1. The manner of balloting shall be decided by the Fleet Captain.

Section 2. Each Active FSSA Member of the Fleet shall be entitled to one Vote in Fleet elections (one vote per boat).


Section 1. Any Member whose dues are in arrears on April 1 of any year shall be automatically expelled from the Fleet and shall not be reinstated except by reapplying for Membership.

Section 2. Any Member may be suspended or expelled for good cause at any time by action of the Fleet Officers

Section 3. Any suspended Member shall be reinstated at the end of the suspension period set by the Fleet Officers.


Section 1. The Constitution and By-Laws may never be suspended except upon dissolution of the Fleet.

Section 2. The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote at the Annual Meeting.

Section 3. The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of those present at a meeting of the Fleet Officers

Section 4. Amendments passed shall take effect immediately unless otherwise stipulated in the amendments.


Section 1. The Fleet may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote of the Members present at the Annual Meeting, or a two thirds vote of the entire Fleet at any time, or automatically should the Membership drop below three boats.

Section 2. Obligations shall be settled and any balance in the treasury divided equitably among the members in good standing of record.



Section 1. Dues shall be set by the Officers and shall be due and payable annually by all Members. Nonpayment after April 1, of the current year shall render the Member delinquent.

Section 2. A Delinquent Member shall not be eligible to participate or be recognized unless his dues are paid in full. All rights and privileges are suspended automatically until payment is made.

Section 3. Dues shall be used only for the general benefit of the entire Fleet Membership in good standing so that each Member has the potential to benefit as equally as possible. Dues may be spent on such items as: Fleet Awards, Fleet sanctioned events, Newsletters, Yearbooks, Rosters, Invitations, Notices, Correspondence, Stamps, Stationery, and general Fleet business.


Section 1. Fleet Sanctioned Events shall be determined by the Fleet Officers each year and they shall encourage participation in them as a Fleet. Consideration shall be given to sailing location and the wishes of the Fleet.

Section 2. Participation in any Fleet Sanctioned Event shall be the option and sole responsibility of each Member and shall be at their own risk.

Section 3. Fleet Membership is mandatory for participation in Fleet Sanctioned events.

Section 4. All Fleet Sanctioned Events should be sailed according to the FSSA Constitution, Bylaws, and Specifications. Membership in FSSA shall be mandatory for FSSA sanctioned cruising events.


Section 1. Fleet Cruising Trophies may be established and awarded as appropriate to recognize contributions to the promotion of Fleet # 163 and of Cruising in the Flying® Scot .

Section 2. A Fleet Travel Trophy, may be awarded annually during the NSC Spring Warm-Up meeting to the skipper who best represented Fleet # 163 Cruising sailors by participating in any FSSA sanctioned, or at a distant Fleet sanctioned Cruising event held during the year since the previous Annual Meeting.


Section 1. Guests may be invited to sail their Flying Scot in any Fleet sanctioned cruising event. Before sailing regularly with the Fleet they shall apply for Membership. All Guests must be sponsored by a Member.

Section 2. The Fleet Captain shall develop a system of processing applications in conformance with the Constitution.


Section 1. The Fleet shall not be liable for any debts contracted by its Members or Officers other than legitimate and lawful expenses authorized by the Constitution.

This Constitution and By-Laws of Fleet # 163 – Cruising was Approved at the Annual Meeting of Fleet # 163 held on 3/10/2012.

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