The following is a list of Priority fittings for the Flying Scot. If you have an old Scot, or one that was built with the basic “Family Rig” then this is the recommended order for Upgrading of your Fittings to bring your boat up to a Safe and Efficient sailing condition. If you need help on any of this, contact Mike Noone.

1. Mast Hinge.
2. Mast Rake Adjuster (and set Rig Tension to match the Sail Design).
3. Boom – Whoopie.
4. 2:1 Main Sheet.
5. Comfort handholds for Crew on Shrouds – foam tubing and tape.
6. Safety Lines on Centerboard Trunk.
7. Safety Line and Hook on Transom.
8. Swim Ladder on Transom.
9. Masthead Flotation device.
10. Extra Non-Slip tape on deck and floor.
11. Waco 360 Centerboard Control.
12. Vang Purchase Upgrade (6:1 or more) low friction Cascade.
13. Outhaul Purchase Upgrade (3:1 or more).
14. Jib Sheet Control. (2:1 system).
15. Jib Sheet Control (Seat Swivel Cleating).
16. Tiller Extension with flexible joint.
17. Rudder Lift System.
18. Spinnaker Bags on seat corners.
19. Spinnaker led to back of Centerboard trunk (with take-up spool).
20. 2:1 Spinnaker Uphaul.
21. Spinnaker Pole holding system.
22. Vang, Pole Lift, & Cunningham Controls led to Centerboard Trunk.
23. Internal Spinnaker system.
24. Convenience Laundry Basket Storage.
25. Convenience Cup Holders.
26. Convenience Launch Planks on Trailer.
27. Convenience Step on Trailer.