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NSC Championship - All Years

The NSC Racing Champion is determined annually from the best total score from 15 races in the NSC Championship Racing Series. The winner is Awarded the NSC Championship "CUP.”

From 1975 to 2003 the NSC "CUP" was awarded to the winner of the Championship-of-Champions (“C-of-C”) Regatta. This Regatta was a one-day event held at the end of the season with races between the top two sailors from each of the Fleets in the Club.

In 2004 the club revised the format so that the Club Champion was determined from the best total score from 15 races held on seven dates throughout the year which include all of the NSC Invitational Regattas.

Yearsort icon Champion
1975 Craig Tourtellott
1976 Joseph Hamvas
1977 Joseph M. Hewlett
1978 Craig Tourtellott
1979 Joseph M. Hewlett
1980 Joseph Galli
1981 Warren Ibaugh
1982 Edward Lippman
1983 Edward Lippman
1984 Bill Williams
1985 Bill Williams
1986 Mike Galli
1987 Tom Davies, Jr.
1988 Ed Lippman
1989 Craig Tourtellott
1990 Charlie Cook
1991 Craig Tourtellott
1992 Craig Tourtellott
1993 Craig Tourtellott
1994 Mike, Brenda and John Noone
1995 Ed Plotts
1996 Ed Plotts
1997 Phil Ehlinger
1998 Phil Ehlinger
1999 Warren Mangan
2000 Mike and Brenda Noone
2001 Warren Mangan
2002 Mike and Brenda Noone
2003 Craig Smith
2004 Mike and Brenda Noone
2005 George Balas
2006 Dan Reasoner
2007 Mike and Brenda Noone
2008 Reasoner, Thistle #2940
2009 Reasoner, Thistle #2940
2010 Reasoner, Thistle #2940
2011 Paul Prozzillo - Thistle #3911
2012 Brent and Barb Benson
2013 Randy and Debbie Blough
2014 Paul Prozzillo, Thistle 3911