You are hereWould you like to "Charter" a Thistle for 2010?

Would you like to "Charter" a Thistle for 2010?

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By glennw - Posted on 05 November 2009

The “Thistle Fleet Boat Charter Committee” is currently accepting applications from individuals who are interested in chartering Thistle #3364 for the entire 2010 sailing season.  The application will consist of a statement that you are interested in the charter, and that you will conform to the “charter requirements” as listed below.  Thistle 3364 is a fully rigged “race ready” Thistle, with sails (suitable for fleet racing), and a titled and lighted trailer.  It has been raced in 2008 and 2009 and has proven to be “competitive”.


Requirements to charter Thistle 3364:


  1. Cost to charter – FREE
  2. Must join Thistle Fleet 176 as an “Active” member (which includes membership in the Thistle Class Association)
  3. Must join the Nockamixon Sail Club as a “Racing” member
  4. Must qualify for the 2010 “Thistle Fleet Championship” by sailing at least 50% of scheduled race days (4 of 8 race days)
  5. Maintain sufficient LIABILITY insurance coverage
  6. Assist with repair or replacement of anything broken while chartering
  7. Document at least $100 of “improvements” to boat
  8. Be responsible for costs associated with storage (a dry sail spot should be available at the lake)


Applications will be accepted until December 1st and a decision will be made shortly thereafter.  For more information please contact Dan Reasoner, Warren Rosen, or Craig Smith.  Some or all of us will be available at the NSC Banquet on November 7th.


Thanks for your interest in Thistle Sailing.




Craig Smith

Fleet Boat Charter Committee