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Wind gauge with wireless connection to smartphone

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By sails149 - Posted on 03 April 2015

Hi,I was looking arround for a wind meter that could connect to my smarth phone ( iPhone)there are some that have to be very close to the phone like the 'vaavud' that uses magnets to pic up sensors already in the phone.

but a true wireless or Bluetooth unit was hard to find.

i wanted a unit that could be portable and mounted on a pole , mast top or committee boat top, I finally can across this 2nd generation unit that really looks interesting.  Made by sailtimerwind.

the price sounds a little scary until you compare it to other sailing products .i thought this was interesting as it was semi portable and did not require holding your iPhone out in the weather. It also has a wind direction indicator as well as also has nema 0183 interface .... I don't have anything to interface with but sounds clever.I could see it being used winter time at my home.oh and it's solar powered so no batteries!i have not not bought yet but I though I would share. When you see what it does price is a little less scary.there are some high end masthead unites for larger race boats but these are perminant mount and big $$$$warren.    ( obviously I have no connection with the manufacturer)