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Victorias do not float when the water freezes

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By CraigNSC - Posted on 26 January 2010

The Victoria fleet has been high and dry docked in Jan 2010.  Lake Nockamixon has been frozen or the weather has been below 35 deg F on our sailing days.

So what to do.  Paul Prozzillo has taken the time to add artwork to his hull.  He has introduced the PUMA look.  The Puma decal and speed lines have added some great graphics to his Victoria.  Paul has even purchased a second kit, online.  He is now our second two-boat team at NSC.  Phil Ehlinger and Craig Tourtellott are two-boat teams as well.

I took the month to add artwork to Victoria hull #135.  Paul P may have started a new wave.  I have many clear coats over my graphics to avoid damages during those tight mark roundings.  Scream all you want, we make tight roundings - remember we are not on the boats, just the shoreline.  Since we have a no kids house, we also do RC gliders.  We have rebuild two Olympic 650's from the 1980's.  The skeletons have been in the basement for 30 years.  With new Monokotes and a new radio with cool control settings we can now fly the aerfoils sideways versus vertical.  We have also started on a Camano kit with 100 inch wing span, foam core construction.  Again, a kit from 1984 still in the original box.

So, if you have the desire to add a small boat look to your boatyard, come out and watch our local Victoria skippers beat and reach at the Haycock ramp area, join the NSC Victoria Yahoo group for news and tech tips, and most important purchase the kit for about $100 and set sail over the off season.


As we say for this fleet, "See you on the water's edge."

Craig T

Fleet Captain, Victoria Fleet