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Tiller stay invented by robin Tiesler

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By sails149 - Posted on 20 April 2015

I finally needed repairs to my tiller stay device I have used on my Impulse 21 for a long long time.......It was made by Robin Tiesler who sailed on the lake and invented this and may other products. I believe he has long since died. 

It appears he may have made some sort of deal with Catalina direct  as they are apparently selling this product. Made In house by Catalina.

this has always been my favorite tiller control devise ( unpowered)

if any of you remember this or have been looking for a tiller control device I can recommend this one.

I have ordered a replacement from them.



Warren's solution works really, really well! He's able to stand on the very bow of the boat, sail along nicely, and douse me with a bucket of water during Water Wars!

Brian Scarborough, O'day 192, "Wishful Thinking"; Currently non-floating GP14

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Good discussion Brian on the other options out there.   The Tiller Stay just arrived from Catalina direct. Nice prompt shipping, who else gets that sort of service from their manufacturer? (And I don't even have a Catalina).

The complete package came with all the part needed , screws , backer plywood , extra fairleads and the orriginal instructions from Robin Tiesler's patented product.

The Tiller Stay does have a couple of additional features the other may or may not have.  I use a tiller extension all the time so I am not near any levers or other friction devises while sailing yet the TS still works, and at any position it is on as soon an you let go of the helm. Some of you may have seen me launching a spinnaker while the TS does it's job.! It is also easy to adjust the heading by a little kick or tap on the tiller with a foot....The quick release also completely disconnects the TS if you feel for any reason you need to.

Looking closely at my orriginal 1996 Unit I actually wore out the PVC friction spools and they then cut into the yacht braid and damaging the outer cover otherwise I would only have needed to replace the inner spools.

The one thing that I think all these devices suffer from is that while in use they remove much of the feel of the helm ( much like a wheel). You have get over that if you are used to sailing by feel alone.

Cheers.  Enjoy you short handed sailing.


Impulse 21gp.  'Warp Drive'


My favorite tiller control is the Wave Front Marine Tiller Clutch.

The Can Sail Tillerlock comes highly recommended, though I haven't used one:

The Davis Marine Tiller Tamer is one that many are familiar with, but I personally hate using it because it's too fiddly to use, and I don't think it is very sturdy in the long term:

On my 14' boat, I stretched a bungee across the cockpit under the tiller. When I need a 3rd hand for the tiller, I lift the bungee up over the top of the tiller, and it holds from friction. I would only do this in light air, I don't know if there's enough friction to use this while sailing in a breeze. I could probably put a loop of bungee around the tiller and it would hold tighter...

Some people use a few wraps of line, the so-called "Cajun Tiller Tamer":

Finally, I have seen a Tiller-Lock from Sailcare, but never installed or in action, so I don't know if it's any good or not:

If you Google around you can find other hommade solutions using hooks and eyes and bungees. Warren's solution, and my favorite, the Tiller Clutch, are nice because they are well thought out, pre-made solutions that work well. 

Happy sailing!

Brian Scarborough, O'day 192, "Wishful Thinking"; Currently non-floating GP14