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Sunday's Thistle Fleet Results

By casmithlo - Posted on 18 May 2010

SEVEN Thistles competed on Sunday for the first fleet race day in 2010.  The weather was good with temperatures in the 70’s and northerly winds in the 5 to 10 knots range with higher gusts.  Dan and Marlene Reasoner won the day with 2 firsts and a second place finish.  His first race was particularly impressive since he was the LAST BOAT off the starting line and ended up winning the race.  Nice work Dan, but what was up with that start??  Paul Prozzillo ended up second for the day, and Peyton and Tim tied for third with Peyton winning the tie breaker.  The close racing in the middle of the fleet, and the tight scores, tells me that the competition this season is going to be FANTASTIC for Thistle Fleet Racing!!!  Nice job all, and let’s keep working to sail faster, stay in the breeze, and sail on the lifted tack.

 Here are the scores for the day:

 1. Reasoner (2940) 1, 2, 1 – 4

2. Prozzillo (3911) 6, 1, 2 – 9

3. Ankers (1811) 2, 7, 3 – 12

4. Theisen (3314) 3, 5, 4 – 12

5. Ehlinger (3934) 4, 6, 5 – 15

6. Rosen (3923) 5, 3, dsq – 16

7. Edens (3364) 7, 4, 6 – 17


Nice work all. 


The NEXT FLEET RACE DAY is JUNE 5th, with our first “INFORMAL TEAM RACING AND CAMPOUT” the night before on June 4th.  We have a camp site reserved at the Lake Towhee County Park that can accommodate up to 12 campers (3 miles from the marina).  The cost is a whopping $2 per camper (paid to the Ranger that night).  If you would like to reserve some of the 12 spots, please let me know ASAP (but last minute is OK too – I don’t expect us to exceed the 12 person limit),   Peyton has promised “gourmet marshmallows” for us to roast around the campfire (they will be there as will I).


I expect the turnout on the June 5th Fleet Race Day to be GREAT with 10+ boats competing (maybe 14??).  I will be there this time.  I am sorry I was not able to stay for the racing last Sunday.


This coming weekend is the KITCHIN MEMORIAL REGATTA at Lake Hopatcong.  I think several Nockamixon Thistles plan to attend.  It is always a good regatta with excellent competition and a great party on Saturday night.  If you want more details, please let me know.  Free housing is available.


If you want to sail “locally”, the NSC has another “Regatta Day” on Saturday.  All boats will start on the same line and times will be adjusted based on a handicap.  Trophies will be given to the winners for the day.  More details can be found on the NSC web site.  Skipper’s meeting is at 10 AM.


It looks to me like 2010 is going to be an AWESOME year for the Nockamixon Thistle Fleet.  Please come and join us!!


Craig Smith

Fleet Captain