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Sterling Trophy Winners

Click for full sizeClick for full sizeBob Weeks was the first winner of the Trophy when he travelled to the Great 48 Regatta on Lake Norman in boat # 5452 "Wiki Wiki " with his crew Diane Kniejski. Bob stimulated the Fleet to travel and compete for the Sterling Trophy by his article in a Fleet Report describing his travel experiences, and the great learning experiences gained by sailing with FSSA sailors from all parts of the country.
 2005Mike Noone was the winner, and gained a major advantage over the other Fleet "Travelers," when he and Brenda took "# 5468 "Hi-Noone II" to the FSSA Midwinter's Championships, in St Petersburg, which gave them a big start in the Trophy competition with 171 points from their 13th place finish in the Challenger Fleet. They also earned points for participation in the Wife-Husband Championships and the Silver Piper Championships. Three other Fleet boats earned points in the 2005 Sterling competition.
 2006Mike Noone was the winner, again in # 5468 "Hi-Noone II" as he and Brenda improved their performance in the Midwinter's Championships to 12th (!), which, together with a 2nd Place at the Wife-Husbands on Lake Murray, SC., and an exciting time at the NY Districts on Long Island Sound, sealed the win.
 2007Mike and Brenda Noone missed Midwinter's this year, but, for the second time, finished 2nd in the Wife-Husband Championships, and were 21st in the NAC's -- the highest finishing NSC boat. A 4th place in the MAYRA Regatta, and 4th in the Sandy Douglass Memorial Regatta kept "Hi-Noone II", in the running, but a 1st Place in the 2007 FSSA Masters Championship sealed the Sterling win. Five Fleet boats qualified for Sterling Points in 2007.
 2008Mike and Brenda Noone sailed # 5468 "Hi-Noone II" into 18th Place at the 2008 Midwinter's in St Petersburg, FL., and were 13th at the NAC's in Toms River. However, a 3rd Place in the Sandy Douglass Regatta kept them in the lead for the Sterling Trophy in a field of very competitive Fleet boats which reached a record of eight qualifiers in 2008.
 2009Click for full sizeClick for full sizeMike and Brenda Noone again won the Trophy -- but this time there was really tough competition. Mike Mandell started strong with what seemed like an insurmountable 557 points from a 4th Place at Midwinter's. Mike and Brenda started their return in # 5850 "Hi-Noone III" with a 3rd at the Wife-Husbands, and struggled through the year with a 13th at the Sandy Douglass, 25th at NAC's, then recovered for 5th at the Masters, 6th at the Capitol Districts, and 7th at the Atlantic Coast Championships to score a record 655 Sterling Points ! Six boats qualified for the competition in 2009.
2010Mike and Sam Mandell, sailing  # 5010, were determined and successful travelers in 2010 and were the clear winners for the year. Team Mandell gained 5th place at the Midwinters in New Orleans, and then returned to the Gulf Coast for the NAC's at Bay Waveland, where they scored a 7th in a very competitive regatta. The Mandell's set a new record of 844 Sterling Points in the 2010 competition.
2011Mike and Brenda Noone - A total of 8 Fleet  Teams earned Sterling Points in 2011 from competing at Midwinters (1 Team), NAC's  (5 Teams), ACC's (4 Teams), GNY Districts (4 Teams), Sandy Douglass Memorial Regatta (2 Teams), Summer Solstice (2 Teams), and Fishing Bay (1 Team). Mike and Brenda Noone had a great year and sailed "Hi-Noone III" # 5850 in all of the FSSA National Events -- the first time ever for a Fleet # 163 boat. Team Noone started slowly with a last place in a windy Midwinters but sealed the 2011 Trophy with a 1st place at the Wife-Husbands in Wisconsin.  Team Noone set a new "Points" record, with a total of 1894 Sterling Points in the 2011 competition.

Mike and Brenda Noone won the Trophy in a year in which a new record of 9 Fleet Teams scored "Sterling Points" in the competition, and in yet another year in which Fleet 163 was represented at all of the National FSSA regattas -- and several other major regattas. Once again, the competition was tough and included some great scores from "Team Mandell" at the FSSA NAC's -- in fact, the Noone's did not seal their win for the 2012-2013 competition until they earned 401 points at the multi-class Charlotte Harbor Regatta, and 155 at the Midwinter's in Florida in 2013, for a total of 1050 points. The full article is HERE.



2013Glenn and Dorothy Wesley in boat #5919, "DJ"
2014Glenn and Dorothy Wesely in boat #5919, "DJ"
2015Mike and Sam Mandell in boat #5010
2016Phil and Jill Scheetz in boat #4086, "4 Sheets to the Wind"
2017TBD, it could be you!