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Sterling Travel Trophy Winner Photos

2004 - Bob Weeks
# 5452 "Wiki Wiki"

Bob Weeks, skipper of # 5452 "Wiki Wiki" receives the first award of the Fleet # 163 Sterling Travel Trophy in 2005 for the travel year 2004 - 2005. The award is presented to Bob by George Balas, who designed and built the Trophy and donated it to the Fleet. George is holding the original Title to a Sterling Trailer which is Signed by Gordon Douglass, the designer and builder of the Flying Scot. Bob sailed with his crew Diane Kniejski at the Great 48 Regatta on Lake Norman, NC., and earned 186 Sterling Points for their performance. Bob's name went on the first plate on the Trophy shortly after this photo.


2009 - Mike and Brenda Noone
# 5850 "Hi-Noone III"

Mike and Brenda Noone receive the Fleet # 163 Sterling Travel Trophy for the travel year 2009-2010 at the Annual Meeting of the Fleet during the NSC Spring Warm-Up in March 2010. George Balas, the Fleet Captain of Fleet # 163 and the Commodore of NSC, presents the award. Mike and Brenda sailed in six distant FSSA Regattas during the year in # 5850 "Hi-Noone III" and earned a total of 655 Sterling Points.