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Really cool 360 view video footage.

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By sails149 - Posted on 22 May 2017

so I was watching the most recent YouTube video from the Americas cup from "myislandhomeBDA" who posts semi raw video of the pre racing sailing at the venue.

BUT check this out. He went for a walk with a 360 deg camera to the dockyard area.  With an iPad you can hold it up and see all around  as if you were walking their your self ( I guess you use a mouse with a boring PC) but with the iPad or phone it's like VR I guess. but real. Imagine this camera on the RC boat during a race start or ....well let you imagination runaway with you.......

Really cool. Not the most interesting ...but I haven't looks everywhere yet! You can look up too!

its a bit like a moving street view on Google.......

cheers warren 


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Here is a cool link to help with what makes these boats "FLY."