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RC Victoria sailing

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By sails149 - Posted on 09 January 2013


Happy new year everyone. 

Anybody want to take advantage of the warm weekend predicted and

Sail Victoria RC boats ? 

What  About Saturday?(less cloud than Sunday) Say ~1:30 at marina launch ramp.

Anybody know if the dock is accessible?

Alternate suggestion?

Warren m

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Okay Everyone it looks like its Sunday 13 jan 2013 for the first RC (radio controlled) Victoria sailing this Sunday. Figure ~1:30 set up for 2? and sail/race /rescue! for a couple of hours? I'll bring some race marks. Let hope we can get on the launch ramp docks. There will probably be lots of People out enjoying the warm weather so lets park properly and follow park rules. I assume the bathrooms are closed? figure that into your plans!   remember fresh batteries, check you rigging before you get there! See you Sunday Warren m