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A note about the Committee boat

By bscarborough - Posted on 07 December 2017

Hi, all! Well, it's that time of year when our boats are on the hard. So, too, are the Club boats. This year, we determined that our faithful Committee Boat, purchased new sometime around 1978, is not doing so well. In fact, it appears to be taking on water in the pontoons, which is, of course, a precursor to sinking. We are assembling a Budget Committee to determine how much we might consider spending on a new(er) boat, and also a Committee Boat Committee to locate and purchase a new boat. 

I would like to ask our membership, particularly our racers, what requirements we should have for a new Committee Boat. Of course, we would like a more reliable motor, a steering console that is not falling apart, and maybe pontoons that aren't leaking(!). But what else would you like to see? We can fit up to a 20' boat in our existing slip, so we know we would like to get a longer boat than the current 16' boat. Please let me know any other suggestions ASAP.