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By sails149 - Posted on 18 June 2017

NBC Dropped the world feed for the commentary for the AC races!

Read about why here!


Now I have to find the world feed .      

Udate as usual the world feed is blocked in USA ......who says the internet is not controlled by the corporate world / NBC!

This video is the start of the race with a 360 deg Camera onboard NZ  must be viewed on on pc or tablet to get full effect

cheers Warren

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The coverage can be watched but only with the NBC commentator Todd Harris and no on the water  reporter that the world feed with Kenny Read.  I guess NBC did not think they had the numbers to pay for the world feed, next they will probably stop showing it live!

What was the line from the song?  57 channels and nothing on?

with all the tv channels and now internet feeds you would think corporate America could keep its hands out of the cookie jar.

Cheers warren 


The live viewing in the US is sometimes on the NBC-SN network and always on the NBC Sports App.

AC 20170618AC 20170618

Glenn Wesley

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The countries with the biggest involvement get no live world feed of AC racing

oh the 2 teams in races get only pay tv coverage!

*PLEASE NOTE: For the following countries there will be no live video coverage on the AC App
United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Monaco, Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela