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Flying Scot Fleet # 163 Sterling Travel Trophy

The “Sterling” Travel Trophy was presented to Flying Scot Fleet # 163 by George and Linda Balas in 2004. This trophy was hand made by George and includes a protective case made by Linda. The central feature of the Award is a “Sterling” hubcap from one of the original Flying Scot trailers made by Sterling -- with an original Sterling Trailer Title signed by Gordon Douglass himself ! This Title, with the original signature, is laminated into the back of the Trophy. The Sterling Trophy was established to encourage Fleet # 163 Members to travel to, and participate in, National and Regional Flying Scot Regattas. Participating boats are awarded "Points" for each event in which they participate. The "Points" are calculated by dividing the "Miles Traveled" by the "Finishing Position" of the boat in the event.


The Sterling Travel Trophy is presented each year at the Annual Meeting of Fleet # 163 which takes place during the NSC Spring Warm-Up Meeting. The winner of the Sterling Travel Trophy is the Skipper of the boat which has earned the most total Sterling Travel Points in the year since the previous Warm-Up meeting. This spectacular handcrafted Trophy has stimulated much more Fleet travel and much more camaraderie amongst the Fleet travelers.

The Sterling Trophy Award has certainly had the desired effect of encouraging Fleet Members to travel and participate in distant Flying Scot events. From a single traveling sailor in the first year, the competition has grown such that, in 2009-2010, the Fleet had six boats in the competition -- and the winner was not determined until the last scoring event, the ACC's in September. The competition for the Sterling Trophy has now become one of the major features of the Fleet, and the Trophy is now one of the most prestigious Awards in the Fleet.

Bert VanAnglen, when he was our Fleet Captain, was the first Fleet # 163 skipper to travel to distant FSSA events. In 1995 Bert and his wife Mariellen, with their three young daughters, traveled to the FSSA Wife-Husband Championship Regatta on Lake Norman, NC. Bert and Mariellen were the first Fleet # 163 sailors to get their results published in Scots 'n Water -- the Fleet was on the National Map !! Bert's stories about the event, and the great time that they had with fellow-Scot Sailors from all across the country, persuaded Mike and Brenda Noone to join them at the FSSA Wife-Husband competition in 1996 at Chattanooga, TN., where, for the first time, two Fleet boats were putting the Nockamixon Fleet on the National Map. Also that year, the first FSSA Award ever won by a Fleet # 163 boat was awarded when Mike and Brenda won 4th Place at these Wife-Husbands -- with photos in Scots 'n Water !!

Since that time, Fleet # 163 has never missed attendance at the FSSA Wife-Husband Championships and had four Fleet boats participating in 2006, and five Fleet boats in 2009. Fleet # 163 participation in the FSSA Midwinter's Championships began in Panama City, FL., in 2001, and in the FSSA National Championships at Lake Norman in 2003. Since then, Fleet # 163 boats have been regulars at both events. The Sterling Trophy did not exist when Bert started the Fleet travel tradition, but he got the Fleet traveling anyway.

The spirited competition for the Sterling Travel Trophy in recent years has proved that Bert's leadership ideas and enthusiasm for travel were great for the Fleet. The Trophy, made and donated by George and Linda, has formalized "travel" into a separate Fleet competition and given even greater incentive for Fleet Members to participate in distant FSSA events. Several Members of the Fleet now regularly travel and participate in the FSSA Midwinter's Championships, the National Championships, the Wife-Husband Championships, and many other National and Regional events.

In 2005, four Fleet boats attended the FSSA Wife-Husband Championships, at West River, MD., in 2007, three Fleet boats attended the North American Championships in Fishing Bay, VA., in 2008 seven Fleet boats attended the FSSA National Championships at Toms River, NJ., and in 2009, five Fleet boats attended the FSSA Wife-Husband Championships at Lake Massapoag, MA. In 2010 the Fleet plans to beat all records with boats traveling to the FSSA Atlantic Coast Championship at Lavalette, NJ., and the Wife-Husband Championship at Lake Norman, NC.

As a direct result of this increased travel, Fleet # 163 is now well known on the National Flying Scot circuit and Fleet # 163 Members have received many Awards and have been featured in several articles in Scots 'n Water. In 2009, Fleet # 163 at Lake Nockamixon was Awarded the prestigious "Fleet of the Year" Trophy by the Flying Scot sailing Association at its Annual Meeting held during the 2010 NAC's in Ephraim, Wisconsin.

The Fleet # 163 Sterling Travel TrophyThe Fleet # 163 Sterling Travel Trophy

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