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Cape to Rio 2014

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By sails149 - Posted on 09 January 2014


The Cape Town to Rio race 2014 is underway. This race has always had a number of cruising type boats as well as full on racers . Including 6-8 large cruising type cats this year.There was a big storm just after the start causing a half dozen retirements  Including a well know wood boat "Black Cat" built in 1995 by designer Dudley Dix now usa based. It was the prototype for his fiberglass Didi38/40 boats.After loosing their rudder (later traced to weakening during a docking incident) the made a jury rudder etc and returned to shore from 300nm off shore .When they just got back an electronics repair guy decided to film the crew who were talking about the experience.The link is below and quite interesting and another short follow up. (NSRI  is the RSA all volunteer lifeboat rescue service).EnjoyWarren Mangan. site
WarrenPs some other boats did not do so well and one life was apparently lost when a rig came down. 
Black cat in 2000didi10.jpg