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3/9/16 sailing on lake!

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By sails149 - Posted on 09 March 2016

2 boats were out sailing today.

It was a fairly gusty day, neither were club members. I was chatting with the father of one of the 2 sailors (23 yrs old) in a Buccaneer . 

It's a shame that they and the fellow single handing a JY were NOT wearing life jackets with the cold water temp and no rescue boats available excepte quite a few fisherman.

I do hope any members that go sailing in this warm weather/ cold water set a good example and at least wear their life jacket , we should try to set a good example. Remember if one of these sailors got in trouble it would have reflected badly on us. It only takes a moment to ruin a good reputation, and years to gain it back.

looks like they were having fun though!


Sailing 3/9/16. But no life jackets145.82 KB

I wanted to be out, but still working on the Force 5. Especially with the Force 5, I'd have been wearing my dry suit along with the PFD. When I had it out on Black Friday, I was happy to have the suit on, because of course I blew a gybe and went for a swim!

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