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2014 Flying Scot Full Moon Regatta

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By webmaster - Posted on 20 July 2014

The Full Moon Regatta is held each spring by the Monmouth Boat Club in Red Bank, New Jersey.  Two years ago, Fleet 163 fielded 7 boats at the regatta.  Last year we sent no boats.  This year it was Glenn Wesley with Mike Mandell as crew.

Sailed in the Navesink River, the Full Moon Regatta is very convenient being less than 2 hours from Lake Nockamixon.  The folks at Monmouth Boat Club are very welcoming and try to get in 5 races in a single day.  In addition, entry is free for first timers including lunch!

This year the regatta was held on Saturday June 7.  There were 17 boats on the starting line.  We started the regatta with the harbor start at 10:30 in light winds and low tide.  The tide was so low we had to have the board half up when sailing around the starting line. 

For the first race I attempted a boat-end start but was closed out by this group of aggressive and skilled sailors.  Lesson learned.  Fortunately there was so many who were aggressive it resulted in a general recall.  Unfortunately, the winds fell and there was no racing before the tow-in for lunch.

After lunch we again sailed around for a while before there was enough wind to start racing.  This time we started just below the boat, popping out for a good mid-line start.  As we approached the windward mark we were in 3rd or 4th but the wind died resulting in a pile up at the mark and offset.  After rounding we ended up low on the line to the "leeward" mark.  The winds had shifted so each leg became a reach.  The end result was no real passing lanes.  We ended the race in the middle of the pack.

The second race was similar.  This time we went left but the right side became favored so we rounded, again in a pile-up but towards the back of the fleet.  The difference this time was the layline from the offset to leeward mark was deep enough for spinnakers.  Mike was quick with the set and we were able to pick off a few boats and got inside position for another.  On the last leg, as the wind was dying we again went left upwind since we saw some air building.  We were fortunate to get in the new air just as the winds were dying below the finishing line.  We were able to ride in and pick off a few more boats before the finish, again in the middle of the pack.

That was the end of the racing for the day as the winds completely failed.  We limped back to the boat yard having enjoyed the competition but itching for more.

For those who have not attended I strongly recommend doing so next year.  Despite the winds, this is a great venue for racing and to get experience in larger fleets among friendly competition.